Why I am not ready to marry or have kids – DJ cuppy

The Female superstar Nigerian DJ, DJ cuppy has finally revealed why she’s not ready to marry or have kids.

The Nigerian entertainer who featured in the Starr Drive with KOD and Cookie Tee on Thursday, further revealed that she doesn’t feel comfortable being referred to as a female DJ.
According to her, she did not look up to any female DJ when she started building her brand, and no other DJ does the job better than her. On the rivalry between Ghanaian and Nigerian music, DJ Cuppy stated that Nigerian music was inspired by Ghanaian music, and so must be acknowledged as such.

“ Why I ’ m Not Ready To Marry & Have Kids Now ” – DJ CuppyDJ Cuppy who also revealed on the show that she is not ready to get married as it will slow down her career, said “I am not ready to marry and have kids now because it will slow down my career.”

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