Here is the Complete Biography of Psqaure (peter and Paul)

Complete Biography of Psqaure
Complete Biography of Psqaure

Wow! Have You been wanting to read the full biography of the Great Nigeria artiste Who stated from Singing from their Childhood. This Is the Complete biography of Both Singer Right From the Beginning of their carry till now.

Psquare (Peter and Paul)

The two identical twins named Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye Popularly kow as Psquare all over the World started their Music Career from their childhood with the support of their brother,Jude Okoye who do produced beat for them.

Date of Birth

P-square date of birth records shows that the identical twins were born on 18th November, 1981 in Jos, Plateau State Nigeria which means they are 33years old.

Early life of Psquare

P-Square biography records show that Peter and Paul Okoye are identical twins, who have performed and released several records under the Square records label. Psquare remains the best R&B duo group in Nigerian and in 2011.Tthey were signed unto the Konvict muzik label which is owned by Senegalese born-American singer- Akon. In 2012, P-square signed a record distribution deal with the South African label- Universal music.

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Fact about P-Square (Peter & Paul Okoye)

According to the history of P-square , the parents of Paul and Peter Okoye relocated to Jos, Plateau state, Northern Nigeria where Paul and Peter were enrolled in St Lumumba secondary school- a local catholic school and the twins joined the school’s music and drama group where their passion for music and dancing were developed. Smooth criminals were the first group to be formed by the group in1997 and they performed at different shows within the city of Jos while they were in the high school.

Peter Okoye biography records show that the twin brother of Paul was born in Anambra state, eastern Nigeria, he seems to be a better singer while Paul is a better dancer. Peter Okoye date of birth record shows that the prolific singer is 30 years old. Paul Okoye biography records show that the half-brother of Peter was also born in Anambra state, Nigeria and he seems to be a better dancer than his half-brother Peter.

Biography of Psquare

P-Square music and career history

P-square latest music is the remix of Beautiful Oyinye, a song they recorded with the hottest American rap star- Rick Ross, the video was shot in Los Angeles and it is presently at the top 10 of several billboards in Nigeria, UK and Africa. P-square’s talent was first discovered by Nigerians in 2001 when the group won the prestigious “Grab tha mic” show which was a talent hunt show sponsored by “Benson and Hedges” , in the same year, the group secured their first major record deal and released their first album titles “Last Nite”. The P squared first album was a success. In 2005, the group released its second album titled “Get squared” under its own record label – Square records.

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P-square profile

P-square videos always win awards, the reason for this is that such videos are always filled with new dance moves and the qualities are always excellent. P-square released its bestselling album of all time in 2007, the album was titled “Game over” and it sold around 8 million copies worldwide. The group released another album in 2009 titled “Danger”. P-square has won numerous awards, including BET awards in 2011, and MTV best act in 2010.

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A lot of fans of P-square have been asking the question Is Psquare married ? According to recent gists and confirmed reports, Peter is not married to Lola Omotayo, his girlfriend who works in one of the top oil firms in Nigeria.

Paul Okoye is happily married to Anita Isama. Anita is currently wrapping up her Masters Degree program in Scotland while her brother Peter Okoye has married his baby mama, a mixed Nigerian, Lola Omotayo.


Separation (Paul and peter Okoye)

The separation of the twins R&B and dancer brothers was annoyed on some media houses last year which later take place earl this year. The main cause of Separation has not been dictected yet because of some rumors going on on the social media. Some says that their wives brings makes them both separate.However the main cause of separation has not been disclose to anyone even people that are  very close to them.






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