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Not All Artistes Are Into Fraud – Dami Adenuga


It is often said that artists are rare breeds. They come in different forms and characters. Just as there are the really good ones, the bad and the ugly ones are not in short supply either.

And living with them and managing them is not exactly a stroll in the park. This is something Dami Adenuga, hotshot artiste manager, PR expert and the head honcho of Dami Adenuga World has had to learn the hard way.

Not All Artistes Are Into Fraud – Dami Adenuga 1

In a recent interview with Potpourri, the Ijebu Igbo man from Ogun State shared his experience working with some top artists and particularly singled out top actress Tonto Dikeh and the Otunba of street music, Slimcase, as some of those who have been quite delightful to work with.

“I’ve enjoyed working with Tonto Dikeh, D’banj, and Slimcase, but Slimcase is my major artiste. He is disciplined, hardworking, talented, mature, innovative and very passionate about music,” he said and maintained that not all artists are bad to handle.

“I do take my time to understand their personalities even before the business relationship. Then I switch to the appropriate game with them in correspondence to their brands.

Not All Artistes Are Into Fraud – Dami Adenuga 1

So far, it’s been great and challenging but it’s apparently part of the job dealing with artists and their businesses,” he added. On the issue of drugs and internet fraud which are fast becoming the forte of some artists, Adenuga said only few engage in them, adding that it was wrong to generalize.
“The truth is, wherever there is good, there’s bad. That’s life. But it’s a very wrong assertion to generalize that all Nigerian artistes are like that.

The music industry is actually self-sustaining if you are a star. There are lots and lots of Nigeria artistes who are legit and making cool money from their craft.
The music business is a good business,” he offered. He also came in defense of rivalry among artists, saying it could be healthy, depending on how it is channeled. “Rivalry among artists is common virtually all around the world”.


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